Your Choice Plans


A way to build a custom phone plan for you or your entire family.

From the device you want to the amount of data you need, Your Choice gives you the flexibility you’ve been looking for. Here’s what every Your Choice plan automatically includes:

  • Shareable data
  • Voice Mail 3
  • Caller ID
  • FREE weekend calling
  • FREE evening calling after 6 pm
  • FREE nationwide Family Calling2
  • UNLIMITED nationwide messaging3 (text, picture & video)

Available for Smartphone Premium

See Smartphone Premium.

1. Choose your device and voice package

Package 300 Local Daytime Minutes UNLIMITED Local Calling UNLIMITED Nationwide Calling
BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE (You love your current device or aren't quite ready for an upgrade.) $40/month $45/month $50/month
SMARTPHONE (You're in the market for a classic smartphone with great features--and great value.) $45/month $50/month $55/month
PREMIUM SMARTPHONE (You're looking for an iconic smartphone with the latest technology.) $55/month $60/month $65/month
INCLUDED FEATURES Unlimited Nationwide Family Calling3
Unlimited Evenings (6pm) and Weekends4
Unlimited Nationwide outgoing and incoming text, picture and video messaging5
Call Display, Voice Mail 25, Call Waiting and Conference Calling

2. Choose your shareable data bucket

You are...

1 GB

A lean user who browses and emails

$25 per month6

2.5 GB

A social media, email and/or tablet user

$35 per month6

4 GB

A user who streams media, calls on Skype, uses GPS and/or shares data

$45 per month6

7 GB

A small family or a user who streams, downloads and tethers

$65 per month6

10 GB

A big family that's always connected

$85 per month6

3. Optional Add-Ons

Add-Ons Monthly Rate Features
No-charge Long Distance: CAN to US $15/month Pay no long distance when calling from Canada to the US.
International Long Distance Saver $2/month Save up to 95% on calls from Canada to over 220 destinations.
iPhone Visual Voice Mail $5/month On-click access to view up to 25 Voice Mails.
Voice Mail to Text $5/month Receive your Voice Mails as emails or text messages.

How it all comes together

  • Device 1
    (monthly device and
    voice package)

    $ ____

  • plus sign
  • Add your Data
    (monthly shareable
    data rate)

    $ ____

  • plus sign
  • Additional

    $ ____

  • plus sign
  • Optional

    $ ____

  • plus sign
  • Estimated Total
    (monthly rate plan

    $ ____

1 To be eligible for Your Choice plans, the first subscriber on the account must have a Your Choice data option with a device other than a tablet. Only one data option is required per account. That data can be shared with up to four additional devices, including tablets. For a full list of phones, go to If you wish to take advantage of the Bring Your Own Phone option you may activate the plan using either a TELUS phone or a compatible phone not purchased from TELUS.

2 Taxes and pay-per-use charges (including long distance, roaming and additional airtime or data) are extra. The cost of voice service used while roaming outside Canada will vary by zone. Currently, voice roaming in the U.S. is charged at $1.50/minute. Visit for details. Plus applicable municipal government 911 fees: Nova Scotia (43¢), PEI (70¢), New Brunswick (53¢), Alberta (44¢), and Newfoundland and Labrador (75¢).

3 Must all be subscribers on the same account. Consumer accounts are limited to 5 subscribers.

4 Unlimited Local Evenings (6pm) and Weekends is offered for plans with local minutes included. Unlimited Nationwide Evenings (6pm) and Weekends is offered for plans with nationwide minutes included.

5 Premium and subscription messages are not included. Text messages sent from Canada to a non-Canadian phone number will be charged at 40¢/message. Text messages sent or received while roaming outside of Canada will be charged at 60¢/message. Visit for details. Multimedia messaging used while outside of Canada is charged as data roaming. Messages sent using iMessage may incur data charges.

6 Taxes and pay-per-use charges (including roaming and additional data) are extra. Additional usage in Canada will be charged to the subscriber using the data at $5/100 MB for the first 1,500 MB (rounded up to the closest 100 MB at the end of the billing cycle). Usage thereafter will be charged to the subscriber using the data at 5¢/MB. Data usage during a single billing cycle may be capped at 10 GB. Additional usage may be authorized by calling TELUS to remove the data block. Tethering included. Access to BlackBerry Enterprise Service is not included.

Additional fees may apply for servicing operations or one-time services, such as phone swaps or reprogramming on existing accounts or directory assistance. See for the list of current services and rates. Rates and offers are subject to change without notice.