Smart Hub Plans

Mobile Internet Flex Plan

The TELUS Smart Hub creates a secure Wi-Fi® network for high speed Internet access and a simultaneous phone service that gives you a landline experience without a fixed-line connection.

Plans Details Mobile Internet Flex
Monthly Rate $10
Data Included1
(in Canada)
up to 100MB is $10
100MB to 500MB is $30
500MB to 2GB is $45
2GB to 6GB is $70
6GB to 10GB is $85
Data Overage 2¢/MB

Smart Hub Voice Add-on

Rate $50
Local Anytime Minutes Included unlimited
Nationwide Calling unlimited
Calling Features Included Voice Mail 25
Call Display
Call Waiting
Conference Calling
Long Distance Rate(Can. to US) 45¢/minute

Need More?

U.S. Roaming
Data Rate5
+ $5/MB
International Roaming
Data Rate5
See Coverage and Travel at Telus for International Data Rates
Text Messaging6
25¢ per sent or received text message

1 Data used while outside of Canada is not applied towards any included monthly rate plan, but is charged at the applicable roaming rate as indicated.
2 Must have at least two members on the same account, with a limit of five members per account.
3 Nationwide calling refers to local and Canadian long distance calls made to or received from your mobile phone and is subject to additional roaming and/or international charges.
4 Long distance refers to calls originating in Canada and terminating in either Canada or the US, except for Hawaii and Alaska. Airtime is not included.
5 Data used while romaing in the US is charged at $5/MB, billed in increments of 1 KB/session. Data used while roaming outside Canada and the US varies by country and is billed in increments of 20/KB session (1 GB = 1,024 MB; 1 MB = 1,024 KB). Data usage is subject to a monthly overage limit of 10 GB.
6 Premium messages are not included. 35¢/message charge will apply for each text message or attachment sent outside of Canada and the US. 60¢/message charge will apply for text messages sent or received while roaming (outside of Canada).