TELUS Trade-In Program

TELUS Trade-In ProgramWhether you’re new to TELUS or already a customer, the TELUS Trade-In Program makes it easy and more affordable to enjoy the latest phones and devices whenever you want.

Trade in your device from any carrier for in-store credit at Countrywide Communications when you activate or upgrade to any new TELUS phone. The credit received is based on the Fair Market Value and the condition of your device.

Mobile phones, smartphones, Mobile Wi-Fi and Mobile Internet Keys qualify for the Trade-In. Batteries and battery covers are required to receive full trade-in value of the device.

Trade in a used device from any carrier.


Here's an example:

You trade in your device and get a $50 non-transferable in-store credit.

  • You choose the HTC Status for $0 on a 3-year term
  • If the credit cannot be applied to the new phone purchase price, use the full $50 credit toward
    accessories like a protective case, charger or screen protector.

More about your Trade-In device:

  • 1 device can be traded in per transaction, and must be combined with a new activation or renewal.
  • Phones (Mobile/smartphones), Mobile Internet keys, Mobile Wi-Fi and all non-TELUS* devices are eligible.
  • Tablets, Mobile Smart Hubs and Routers are not eligible at this time. No extra value for trading in accessories.
  • You must return device with battery and battery door cover; in box accessories are not required.
  • For full Trade-In value, your device must be in good working condition (i.e. should power on with good LCD condition).
  • Before you trade in your device, be sure to remove your SIM, memory card, and any applicable accessories, and delete all personal data. TELUS is not responsible for the removal or deletion of any data left on your device.
  • The device may be from any carrier but it is your responsibility to deactivate the device before trading it in.
    The Trade-In does not automatically stop billing for the service on an active device.

* non-TELUS phones, Mobile Wi-Fi, Mobile Internet Keys, sticks.

More about your Trade-In credit:

  • With the TELUS Trade-In Program, Trade-In credits can be used towards purchasing a new wireless device or accessory. Each credit is valued at $1. The number of credits depends on the value of the device traded-in.
  • TELUS Trade-In is available to new and existing Post-paid and Pre-paid customers with an activation or renewal.
  • To participate in the program, you must:
    • be an adult with no legal guardian and the sole and rightful owner of the Trade-In device, and
    • represent that the Trade-In device is free of any liens or claims by any third parties, and that the condition, specifications and other details your provide about the device are true and accurate.
  • Your Trade-In device has no cash value and must be used to purchase any new phone first. Any remaining credit can be used towards accessories.
  • Your credit has to be used at the time and location of Trade-In and all trades are final.
  • No minimum contract term is required.
  • The device is evaluated for the value at Countrywide Communications, resulting in:
    • an in-store credit that can be used towards the purchase of a new phone and/or accessories,
    • or at a minimum, an automatic donation of $3 to Tree Canada towards the planting of a tree for each $0 device recycled.
  • As part of our ongoing green initiatives, any mobile phone, battery, or accessory can be dropped off at Countrywide Communications for responsible recycling.
  • The Trade-In transfers all rights you have in the device and, except the credits you receive in exchange, you must waive any claim you may have against TELUS and eRecycling with respect to the device or the Trade-In. If the new phone is returned for whatever reason, you can use the in-store Trade-In credit towards a different phone, and any remaining credit can be used towards accessories.
  • No cash refund for the in-store Trade-In credit is applied on the original sale.
  • Trade-In values are approximate. For an exact value, please visit Countrywide Communications.

For more information call Countrywide Communications at 1-855-467-5994.

Device will be valued by eRecycling Inc. at its sole discretion. The Trade-In transfers all rights in the device to eRecycling Inc. and must waive any claim against TELUS or eRecycling Inc. with respect to the device or the Trade-In program. The eRecycling Trade-In Program is available in Canada only and may be cancelled at any time without notice.

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  • Recycle your device and we’ll donate $3

    Drop off a device with a $0 Trade-In value and TELUS will donate $3 to Tree Canada towards the planting of a tree.

    Learn how TELUS works with Tree Canada
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